des recommandations

in an attempt to brush up my french i stumbled upon jean-pierre luminet who wrote the very captivating cycle 'les bâtisseurs du ciel' about the discoveries and personalities of copernicus, tycho brahe, johannes kepler, galileo galilei and isaac newton (and if you don't know what they disovered you should definitely read it!)

and for those of you who mastered the language and want something more intellectual i can recommend 'la fabrique des images - visions du monde et formes de la représentation' published under the direction of philippe descola. i have only just started it but am convinced that it is very interesting...


real world

this autumn i will start my first job as an architect. this is the office. it is absolutely perfect and i'm looking forward to this change in life.


hidden structure of things

the most interesting task this term was the submission for prof emerson's lecture. togehter with guests he presented six turns in the architectural imagination: craft, bricolage, constraints, measure, shapes and failure. we were asked to present a seventh turn.

i used this as a starting point to think about all the things i found interesting and ended up with some kind of summary of my view of the world. should you be interested in my essay please contact me.


as far as i got with prof sik's studio


impressions from stampa