interesting exhibitions

we plan to visit the following exhibitions:

roman signer - projektionen at the helmhaus, zurich

las vegas studio at the museum im bellpark, kriens


architectural theory

last term we read a text and had to write an essay about it with the help of prof. moravánszkys assistants.

i chose michel foucault's other spaces. thanks to the discussions i got a deeper understanding of what heterotopia can be: a place with an other atmosphere. and this is in the end what many architects try to create.

for my essay however, i got hooked up with a different topic from foucualt's text: the change in the perception of space and time based on scientific ideas. foucault gave a very brief summary that i tried to expand, and link back to the concept of heterotopia.

i always find it fascinating how much hard sciences like maths and physics correlate to our lifes, society, history and architecture. in both fields we are at the moment at a point where we don't know in which it will go. we only know that there is a problem we can not solve yet...


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