giacometti museum
autumn term 2010 - professor j. ll. mateo, assistant i. concheiro


The village of Stampa is oriented towards the street that connects the Engadin with Italy and turns its back towards the views. However, the constitutive aspect of life in the Val Bregaglia is its nature. I place the building at the outskirts of the village. Approaching from the atelier, an imposing facade presents itself with the magnificent mountains in the backdrop; coming down the hill the volume is dissolved and blends into the village. The building is oriented not towards the village but towards the landscape. Thus it creates a new boundary condition and it is in close contact to life in the valley as the Giacometti family experienced it.


On the inside two systems representing the two parts of the museum interlock. The outer ring hosts temporary exhibitions. Like a coat it protects the small inner rooms of the permanent collection dedicated to Alberto and Giovanni Giacometti's work. In the middle is an empty center collecting rain water in the summer and filling up with snow in the winter. Thus, in some ways, it resembles a walled garden typically found throughout the valley.