giacometti museum
autumn term 2010 - professor j. ll. mateo, assistant i. concheiro

preliminary work

during the term, lots of iterations of the plans and the model were produced. the design got more complex and then more simple again. through this process, specific aspects were discovered, some of them kept, others discarded again.

here you find a selection of the work produced during term. i chose the picture and models i liked the best, starting with a firt scetch and ending with the penultimate set of plans.

these plans show a version that is at the same time more clear and more elaborate than the final hand-in. the cuts - a left over from previous versions - make the division into rooms more clear.

however, the plan appears more intricate, maybe even too intricate. since the division into specific rooms was not very important, i left the cuts away. i only realised later, that they also made the load-bearing structure simpler.