spring term 2008 - professor m. angélil, assistant j. lecavalier

with roman birrer

various aspects of dryer lint were explored and served as an inspiration for this building.

seemingly homogeneous from the street, the building unfolds its layers to the approaching visitor.

each layer performs a practical task, like support, insulation, protection or, in a configuration containing them all, water purification.

the building comprises a public laundromat. the usual layout – a row of washing machines and a row of seats for waiting – is flipped over due to space constraints. thus washing machines and dryers are stacked along the staircase, and the waiting area including a pool is located on the roof.

via the same staircase, a private flat wrapped and hidden by the insulation is reached. though small, the main space is relatively open and high, while more private routines are utilizing recesses of the public program. the space it structured by boxes all looking the same. they unfold to reveal a kitchen, a bed, a table, a bath.

behind the building where the staircase is open, public space develops out of the building’s layers, and forms a modulated landscape.