autumn term 2009 - professors b. holzer, t. kobler, assistant s. haar

with dominik boos and tobias schafroth

images of the project

the project, a center for media sound and light, consists of a part above ground and an underground part.

the part above ground forms a courtyard with grandstands. it can be used for big events, but it is also inviting at other times since the shape is dissolved in smaller platforms and seating areas. the most dominant material is wood that covers all the horizontal faces.

the underground part is built into an existing car park. when moving through the car park, all of a sudden big spaces open up and visual connections into the center are established. for the design of the rooms found structures are important, like the characteristicly shaped pillars.

one of these found elements is a cylindrical shelter converted to take up the vertical circulation and forming a joint between the two parts. a ramp is inscribed into it. accompanying the ramp there is a slit, opening the view towards the middle, spiralling evenly upwards, and thus varying in height in relation to the ramp.

to see an animation of some of the rooms telling the story of orpheus that was crucial in the design process please go to the next project.