place, structure and hull
autumn term 2008 - professor d. eberle, assistant a. benon

suburbia / extension schoolhouse stettbach

this project evolved from antecedent urban design exercises, with a view to reality asking for norms, flexibility, and commensurability, and against the background of foucaults text about heterotopia.

it is a high building with a fairly small footprint. the cores are located at the margin of the area, in order to locate a big hall on one of the floors.

in combination with the supporting façade, these cores bear the whole loads of the building. the pillars necessary in the interior are replaced by a beam spanned between the cores.

the hight of the beam is used as space generating element by connecting the floor on one side to its upper end and on the other to is lower end.

thus, based on a strict grid, a system results allowing for various combinations. the space becomes structured and diverse qualities of space emerge. and this establishes a relationship to foucault in my eyes.

to meet the concerns of economy, these space experiments take place between the cores, an area of the building that is difficult to use because of the lack of windows.