cabane écalée
autumn term 2007 - professor a. spiro, assistant

with oliver schelker

starting with a site on the campus - we chose the slanting granite stairs in front of our building - and inspired by an objet trouvé we developed this design. the objet trouvé looked like a bundle of dried slices of oranges threaded on pieces of string: a common object, interesting shapes nestled into each other, generating a strange new composition.

the composition of the volumes was based on the site. the pattern of the granite slabs on the ground is rich but very logical and based on few elements. we used bigger elements based on the slab sizes and arranged them along the ascent of the ground.

the shape of the building originates in the objet trouvé. it is a composition of little log cabins. in each layer the logs are little longer then the ones in the last layer. to build a roof, these wooden frames shrink again and are slightly twisted in relation to the last layer. the cabins cut into each other and create a set of rooms moving up the stairs found on site.

on the inside the beams are left square, on the outside the edges are sanded down and the surface is protected against the weather. the entrance façades are in glass, so that the interior is revealed to the passer-by.