autumn term 2009 - professors b. holzer, t. kobler, assistant s. haar

with dominik boos and tobias schafroth


the site for the new center of media, sound and light is inside and on top of a car park located in the old town of zurich. the car park was built in the 1970s and is formed by the motion of the cars and features prominent ramps.

the two worlds of the center, inside and on top of the car park, have their own independent expression. what keeps them toghether is the site and formative topic of motion.

the nether world is inscribed in the car park. thus the movement is flowing around its rooms. a find is an old cylindrical fall-out shelter built into the car park. it is used as a joint between the two worlds and takes up the whole vertical circulation of both the car park and the new center. the upper world finally takes up the concept of the ramps and develops it further. paths are laid over the upper world and shape the volumes.

more precisely the roofs of these volumes consist of steps for seating connected by stairs and platforms. a courtyard almost like a amphitheater results.