autumn term 2008 - professor d. eberle, assistant a. benon

old town / schoolhouse hirschengraben

the schoolhouse is a solid construction. almost all walls are load bearing. the space is divided into modules of 6,8m x 11,2m. despite the introduction of smaller modules it was tried to leave the old stucture as untouched as possible: only new doors and the neccessary additional staircases for fire safety were placed.

the small modules are normed just like the big ones. three prefabricated members combined with plexiglass inserts form three different room types: two single rooms with varying view axes and a bigger room of twice the size.

thus the floor plan can be divided in a more or less dense fashion. the placement of the doors results in an inbetween-space between old and new structure. it is used for circulation. in this way the intervention keeps a distance form the old structure and inside something new can develop.